• I'm all riggered up wrote on Gary's Wall 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    @santacruzgary Gary, Looks like Flower Cowards are moving back in town. I have just killed Hibernaculum in Club Chalderwood in shore hills IF You can broadcast let it be know that Hate Crime is hiding in The Claxton Museum (North Blythville) and Dijon Sanders is in Gummer Bank (Brookesville) At least in the last 20 minutes anyways. LOL I am out of AP and no radio near me or my alt

    • Hey! Looks like Tararius is down.. I “woke up” alive in it after a 2 week absence. Am down at Flooks now, which is lit.

      • Well go kill what Cowards ya can or at least head to a broadcast post if ya can to finger them as I have just killed Hibertardo LOL which may put them all on the run. Haha

        • There was quite the long lull.. and now the animosity is back. There were some bizarre broadcasts bringing in real world politics

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